"EMMA on tour" continues at the Living Labs in Pisa

EMMA participated at the first two Living Labs organized in Pisa by Confesercenti Toscana, that is a network of private companies working on the regional area. 

Living Lab is a format of event that adopts participatory approaches with the purpose of transferring digital competencies, engaging the audience through non-formal activities, co-design workshops and learning by doing.  

The two training events took place in Pisa on 27th February and 6th March 2018. They represented an important occasion to directly meet small groups of tourism operators, inviting them to put their hands on the EMMA platform and give our team immediate and useful impressions and feedback.   

The two Living Labs have been structured in two distinct parts, actually very interconnected to each other: the first one devoted to the presentation of VisitTuscany.com and the second one to the EMMA platform. See below some of the highlights:

VisitTuscany.com is the new official tourism branding of Tuscany region, developed by Fondazione Sistema Toscana. It consists of a new portal, a new digital ecosystem aimed to the promotion of the Tuscany destination. The staff of Fondazione presented the new portal and its new functionalities, especially focusing on the digital communication tools, technologies and strategies that the portal makes available for the tourism operators.

In the days before the Living Labs, together with the team of VisitTuscany, we have created two promotional stories, powered by EMMA with the hints and contents of VisitTuscany.com. The stories shown during the Living Labs helped the operators to explore with our guidance the power of contents in the destination promotion and experience the features and operating methods of EMMA. Following an explanation of the EMMA platform and a live demonstration about how easy it is to create and edit stories and make them part of an existing Wordpress website, the participants of the living labs got themselves the chance to use EMMA. While some participants chose to simply explore the interface others even created stories and explored the content available for materials related to the region they were coming from. 

The two stories we prepared for the event were devoted to the Pisa and Norther coast of Tuscany, since the larger part of operators attending the events came from those areas. Don't you know those areas? Please find here below Pisa and the north coast of Tuscany by following the link.

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