Comprehensive Content Management and Storytelling for the Social World


  • There is so much happening around events and destinations: in the city, at the venue, by stakeholders
  • Carefully crafted social media posts are often siloed, short-lived and quickly lost in the online noise
  • Own photos and media sit idle on hard disks and are difficult to access
  • Communication and Marketing are fighting for the increasingly limited attention of customers and key stakeholders
EMMA is a new communication and marketing platform especially designed for event organisers and destination marketers. It provides a comprehensive set of tools to stay on top of the conversation and better connect and engage with audiences through more compelling content and experiences.

EMMA @ Unseen Amsterdam

Unseen is the leading platform for contemporary photography. Over 50 galleries exhibiting there during 3 days. Task: Make the programme elements and especially the activities organised by the sponsors better known. Solution: Keep visitors informed and manage the flow of people using digital signage that is dynamic, appealing and social.

  • 2m x 4m LED Screen im central location: map venue and the latest social media posts
  • Communication manager controls with his smartphone and dynamically changes what is displayed on the LED screen

EMMA @ Internet Festival in Pisa

The Internet Festival is the largest Italian event devoted to the exploration of the World Wide Web and digital innovation. More than 150,000 visitors attended during the last editions. Task: Keep the website updated and bring the activities closer to the general public. Solution: Publish daily “Highlights” with social media posts and own photos on the website’s homepage.

  • Simplification of website update workflow thanks to ready-made layouts and “Embeds”
  • Automatic capture and separate analysis of the social media posts from the event's social media team
  • Creation of highlights stories at the end of each day by event's editorial team
  • Publication on the website and in social media.

EMMA @ Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt Book Fair is the international publishing industry’s biggest trade fair, with over 7,000 exhibitors from 100 countries. Task: Document the many different elements of the programme in order to be able to quickly react to specific topics. Carry out post-event analysis of the social media activity for better planning of future editions. Solution: Automatic collection of social media posts and creation of an extensive archive to later search for information and gain new insights.

  • 8 Hashtags as well as the social media accounts of the Book Fair were collected; approx. 14.000 posts during the 2017 edition
  • Documentation of sub-events that took place


We are a European team of events and destination professionals, business, marketers and technology experts focused on delivering the best solution for cross-platform stories and multimedia narratives. The partners in this endeavour are: IN2 search interfaces development, Vandejong Creative Agency, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Fondazione Sistema Toscana and Frankfurter Buchmesse

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