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The EMMA innovation platform

EMMA redefines interactive storytelling and content marketing to better connect and engage with audiences through more compelling content and experiences.

The platform makes available to event organisers and touristic destinations a comprehensive set of tools to manage their digital image and promote their brand.

Frankfurter Buchmesse

The Frankfurter Buchmesse (11-15 October 2017) is the international publishing industry’s biggest trade fair and, at the same time, a huge cultural event. As an event organiser the Frankfurter Buchmesse aims to enhance state-of-the art solutions for the industry’s stakeholders to promote their events and products.


EMMA works closely with Fondazione Sistema Toscana, who are managing the online tourism portal for the popular region of Tuscany. We help local stakeholders understand what is going on and promote their own products.


We are a European team of business, marketers, technology experts, events and destination professionals focused on delivering the best solution for cross-platform stories and multimedia narratives. The partners in this endeavour are: IN2 search interfaces development, Vandejong Creative Agency, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Fondazione Sistema Toscana and Frankfurter Buchmesse

Digital Tools

The EMMA platform will allow touristic destinations and event organisers in Europe to seize the opportunities offered by the latest solutions in ICT content technologies and information management. EMMA will give destination managers and event organisers comprehensive digital tools to manage their digital image and promote their brand.

True multimedia narratives

Extend existing content to create cross-platform stories and multimedia narratives

Deep insights

Gain insights into how destinations and events are perceived in social media

Effective campaigns

Run social media campaigns and monitor engagement while steering user-generated content creation, collection and publishing

Informative channels

Turn web and mobile presences into more informative, media-rich and interactive channels suitable for all stakeholders

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