Enriching market solutions for content management and publishing with state-of-the-art multimedia analysis techniques

The EMMA project

The new EMMA innovation platform, partially funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, will create new opportunities to redefine interactive storytelling and content marketing to better connect and engage with audiences through more compelling content and experiences. The EMMA platform will allow touristic destinations and event organisers in Europe to seize the opportunities offered by the latest solutions in ICT content technologies and information management. EMMA will give destination managers and event organisers comprehensive digital tools to manage their digital image and promote their brand by:

  • extending existing content to create cross-platform stories and multimedia narratives
  • gaining insights into how their destination or event(s) are perceived in social media
  • running social media campaigns and monitoring engagement with travellers or visitors, steering user-generated content creation, collection and publishing of content
  • turning web and mobile presences into more informative, media-rich and interactive channels suitable for all stakeholders

By working closely with Fondazione Sistema Toscana, who are managing the online tourism area for the popular region of Tuscany, and with the Frankfurter Buchmesse, the biggest trade fair of the international publishing industry, EMMA will commercialise this next-generation content management technology and offer innovative solutions for working with multimedia and social media.

Do you want to know more about EMMA or take part in the implementation phase with your suggestions and ideas? Are you interested in presentations, workshops and events that we plan to organise? Or do you want to test EMMA within your organisation and be among the first to benefit from this new tool?


EMMA has creative industry SMEs (IN2, VDJ) in the driving seat of the project, collaborating closely with technology experts from academia (CERTH) and end users (FST, FBM). The involvement of Fondazione System Toscana and the Frankfurter Buchmesse is crucial in understanding the needs of future customers.


Today and tomorrow @EMMA_H2020 is showing #NEMSummit17 participants in Madrid how they can feel the buzz around and tell more engaging stories. @NEM_Initiative https://t.co/5rknZPLcNf

2 months ago

Starting the EMMA project team meeting in #Amsterdam at @_Vandejong‘s Spring House #H2020 https://t.co/iAUBrY0bU7

3 months ago

New paper accepted for publication: K. Apostolidis, E. Apostolidis, V. Mezaris, "A motion-driven approach for fine-grained temporal segmentation of user-generated videos", Proc. 24th Int. Conf. on Multimedia Modeling (MMM2018), Bangkok, Thailand, Feb. 2018.

3 months ago

New paper accepted for publication: F. Markatopoulou, A. Moumtzidou, D. Galanopoulos, K. Avgerinakis, S. Andreadis, I. Gialampoukidis, S. Tachos, S. Vrochidis, V. Mezaris, I. Kompatsiaris, I. Patras, "ITI-CERTH participation in TRECVID 2017", Proc. TRECVID 2017 Workshop, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, Nov. 2017.

3 months ago

Everything ready at #fbm17 for @EMMA_H2020 Hotspot. Come by Hall 6.2, D65 to talk about content mgmt and storytelling in the social world https://t.co/DFYZaL16c8

4 months ago

The @EMMA_H2020 workshop at @Internetfest started. Soon we go over to the fun part using the content management and storytelling tool! https://t.co/wHyqEve2vc

4 months ago

The @EMMA_H2020 team ready to take on the #if2017 - first story summing up the first day is online: http://www.internetfestival.it/if-sentiment/ https://t.co/SUfsK5lNek

4 months ago

The @EMMA_H2020 poster presented at the @CloudWatchHub #Summit during the lunch break https://t.co/JwAm6656iR

5 months ago

You can meet us and the @EMMA_H2020 project at the Frankfurt Book Fair in HALL 6.2/D 65. More info: https://catalog.services.book-fair.com/en/exhibitors-and-directories/exhibitors-a-z/exhibitors-a-z-details/ID/763021/action/detail/controller/Exhibitors/ #fbm17

5 months ago

The #EMMA Tour just started. First stop: Amsterdam, meeting @UnseenPlatform at @SpringHouseAMS https://t.co/1cIADHKRPq

7 months ago

In Florence for the EMMA project meeting. On Friday we will also meet with the industry advisory board. https://t.co/cf7pZrcAP0

8 months ago

Next week the project partners meet in Florence to discuss and present current developments to stakeholders

Contact emma@in-two.com if you want to get an invitation to attend.

8 months ago

Working session at the project kick-off meeting

Mapping the project environment and the proposition for event organisers and destination managers

1 year ago

EMMA Consortium Photo at the Kick-off meeting in Frankfurt

The team standing in-front of the monitor announcing the meeting

1 year ago

Work in EMMA #H2020 project today at @Book_Fair in Frankfurt https://t.co/OnWFtHIBfd

1 year ago






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