EMMA meets EPICAH project at the Living Labs

Two European projects have temporarily joined their activities, in order to carry out a dissemination event and put in place good practices for involving their target groups.

Do you remember? We have told you about the participation of EMMA team at the two Living Labs organized in Pisa by Confesercenti Toscana Network. The two Living Labs represented an important occasion to meet groups of tourism operators, inviting them to experience the EMMA platform and its features. What we have not told you yet is that the two Living Labs have been organized with the support of two different European projects: EMMA and EPICAH
Indeed, in order to enhance their dissemination results and involve the largest number of stakeholders, the two projects have identified in the Living Labs a suitable occasion where their unified efforts could reach the same audiences.

As well as the EMMA project is addressed the tourism operators, also EPICAH targets the same operators. 
EPICAH is an Interreg Europe project aimed to promote the improvement of the policy instruments for crossborder cooperation processes in the natural and cultural heritage protection: rebuild the concepts of borders in for new #sustainabletourism and #slowtourism policies. 

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