EMMA on tour – Postcards from Italy (Pisa, Internet Festival 2017)

9:30 AM 
The day started with a pleasant surprise, our first interview under the cameras! We had the opportunity to explain how EMMA can help SMEs of tourism sector to manage their digital image, organizing content and building stories around their destinations and/or organisations, with an engaging and time-saving approach to simplify their workflow.

You can see the interview on InToscana Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m90UCBJYMgc 

10 AM – 1 PM 
EMMA met its early adopters, its “unicorns” in the real world. A hands-on workshop allowed Italian stakeholders to have a sneak preview of the tool and its functionalities, a guided exploration of the digital content universe. EMMA showed its first results to who participated, by interview, at the previous testing assumptions phase. This close interaction with users provided us very valuable feedback to ensure further improvements and a good market fit.

3 PM – 6 PM 
How does the story of a place and the way it is promoted to tourists change in the digital era? While physical distances become shorter, the new frontiers of narrative will push as far as the technology and creativity allow us.

With this introduction the public session on the “New frontiers of storytelling” was presented. 
We were glad to participate presenting our points of view. Indeed, marketing and communication professionals are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and to support creative processes in developing tailor-made and engaging content for creating meaningful connections to customers. Maybe the secret is “Feel the buzz around”.

6 PM to…
Our experience at Internet Festival (IF) was not only on Saturday 7th. Maybe you could not attend, but you can find anyway the results of this strong relationship. 
The EMMA tool has been tested directly in operational and real-world conditions. IF social media and communication team used the EMMA tool to create daily stories about the highlights of the day. So, #IFsentiment#IFcollaborazione#IFfake and #IFamarcord were born. You can find these stories posted on the Internet Festival website, to enjoy the best memories and topics of the day. 
Here are some impressions from the day:

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