“EMMA can be adapted to your needs.” Sacha Alberti, Fondazione Sistema Toscana

On a regularly basis we publish interviews with the members of EMMA´s international project team to introduce the creative minds behind the project.
This week we sat down with Sacha Alberti from Fondazione Sistema Toscana.

Please tell me something about yourself, your professional background and your work at FST.

Sacha Alberti: My name is Sacha Alberti and I started to work for FST in March 2017. Since then I was directly involved in the EMMA project.
I have a postgraduate degree in “Design and Management of Tourism Systems”. Tourism always drew me for its multidisciplinary approach concerning social, cultural and economic dynamics. Since it is extremely various and constantly evolving, I understand it as a lifelong learning approach. My (digital) curiosity completes it.

How significant is social media in your workflow? 

Sacha Alberti: Social medias are important in my professional life, as much as I escape from them in my free time.
These two aspects are more linked than they appear. Social media is increasingly acquiring a key-role in our daily workflow in terms of internal management and external dissemination. Nowadays, social media is the most simple and the most effective way to get in touch with your audience. It requires more and more time to make tailor-made content and to build relations with customers. This implies several efforts, so that I need to have a digital detox while not at work. 

What makes the tool EMMA so interesting for the tourism business?

Sacha Alberti: Tourism is more and more focusing on websites and social media. Social media is fundamental in all the phases of a holiday trip: pre, during and post visit. It is used to get inspired, to plan the trip, to book the vacation and to share the experience.

So, social media managers and tourism marketers have to deal with several difficulties and expectations: channel and content proliferation, new mindsets, new algorithms and technologies…

By using EMMA, marketers might be able to organise their daily work better, filtering and organising sources with a unique view on the buzz around their activities and destinations. What I find really interesting is the possibility to adapt it to your needs, from a useful tool for channel management to an inspiring source in terms of trending topics and keywords.


Thank you for your time, Sacha!

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