“EMMA gives a holistic view and connects the dots around what matters most.” George Ioannidis, CEO of IN2

Hello from EMMA! Every week we publish interviews with the members of EMMA´s international project team to introduce the creative minds behind.
Today: Dr. George Ioannidis, CEO of IN2 and coordinator of the project.

George, please tell me something about yourself and IN2.

George Ioannidis: Before founding IN2 in 2005 I was working at the University of Bremen, leading research on how to make machines make sense of multimedia content – particularly of images and videos – and creating interfaces for exploring and searching vast content collections. With IN2 I further developed this expertise and created a flexible multimedia management and publishing platform to help people present and access multimedia files on the web. 

How did the idea of EMMA – the project and the tool – develop? Who had the idea and how did it come up?

George Ioannidis: EMMA is a direct response to the necessity we saw at IN2: there is too much content around that is relevant, interesting and valuable to organisations but ephemeral and inaccessible. Addressing this need was even more pressing with the advance of social networks and the fact that even more people and business started being active in even more social channels. To this respect we extended the scope of the IN2 platform beyond pure content management and included management of social media and web feeds. This was how EMMA emerged.

What’s so special about the EMMA social media and content management tool?

George Ioannidis: The most important point of EMMA is in my view the notion of "around". EMMA allows organisations to collect, discover and organise content around topics, interests, projects, activities and places. In this way it gives a holistic view and connects the dots around what matters most. This makes EMMA a powerful tool for many use cases ranging from promoting touristic destinations and events to understanding markets and identifying potential leads.

Thank you so much for your time, George!

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