"EMMA will allow the analysis of travel experience and its feedback“, Marzia Cerrai, Project Manager at Fondazione Sistema Toscana

On a regularly basis we will publish interviews with the members of EMMA’s international project team to introduce the creative minds behind the project.
This week's interview features Marzia Cerrai, Project Manager at Fondazione Sistema Toscana. 

Marzia, please tell me something about yourself, your professional background and your work at Fondazione Sistema Toscana (FST).

Marzia Cerrai: I have a PhD in Italian Modern Literature and I used to work as a researcher at Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa. I started working with FST in 2012 for the Internet Festival in Pisa. FST takes on many roles such as managing the strategy for the digital promotion of Tuscany, carrying out projects and organising events on  digital citizenship, and to promote audiovisual culture.

I work in a specific division, devoted to the management of European and local projects. I enjoy my work thoroughly, and all of my colleagues contribute to make my present professional experience stimulating and interesting. We work well together, coordinating funded national and international projects, performing design activities for facilitating FST’s participation in research funding programmes, and planning and managing events such as the Internet Festival and Festival d’Europa. I consider my work as a part of an integral whole where everyone’s contribution is essential.

How significant is social media in your workflow? 

Marzia Cerrai: I can’t imagine my life without social media, life without it seems a million years away. Social networks are a fundamental part of my work, as well as my private life, or rather my work and my “social media private life” are not really separated. However, I still prefer to meet my friends face to face.

In my workflow, social media provides a powerful vehicle of information; where it’s possible to study and analyse new trends, opinions, thoughts, and state-of- the-art technology. Thanks to this kind of information, my colleagues and I are able to identify the strategies needed to be developed further into our daily work. 

There's more: Social media inspires us and allows us to get in touch with all kinds of interesting people. 

Of course for my colleagues in the FST digital marketing division, social media is a necessary working tool. Every day they manage tourism brands and marketing campaigns of more than 20 social media accounts, working in two different languages, Italian and English.


What makes the tool EMMA so interesting for the tourism business?

Marzia Cerrai: EMMA is an innovative tool useful for destination marketing organisations (DMOs) similar to FST. 

By using EMMA, DMOs will be able to automatize their activities, reducing the time spent on creating and selecting content manually. It will be possible to aggregate and use content produced directly by users, create collections, mixing user-generated content and editorial content on specific themes. At the same time, the EMMA tool will allow DMOs to gain insight on how a destination is perceived through different social media platforms, monitoring engagement and channelling different user feedback, which appears on all social media channels. 

EMMA will allow the analysis of travel experience and its respective feedback. A very important aspect for the tourism industry is that EMMA will be able to provide tools to cluster visual content. This way, managers of destination marketing will be able to run successful social media campaigns; therefore diversifying the objectives and content for each social media platform.

Thank you so much for your time, Marzia. 


Meet EMMA at the Internet Festival in Pisa (October 5-8, 2017). 
Centro Congressi Le Benedettine, Pisa - October 7

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